Isodontia mexicana and Sceliphron nest

Are they mating? Is the wasp eating the cricket? Are they trying to enter the same hole at the same time?   

Well, the idea is that the wasp paralized this little cricket and is bringing it to its nest, inside this metallic tube.

It will not be its meal but it's for its progeny that will feed on this paralized but living cricket.
These wasps make their nests inside tubes, holes and put grass inside to close them.
 Another Sphecidae like this, the Sceliphron also makes little nests but made of soil and clay that are full of little spiders to feed the larvae.
Here are two pictures of this little nests that you can easily find near the edges of your windows. One is  broken and you can see the content, and in the other pic I put 1 €cent coin for size comparison.
I have to thank this great forum that helped me a lot with species identification.